Tom Andrews, Ph.D. Worry/Anxiety/Panic Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy without Medication

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Insurance is accepted for covered services to individuals for diagnosed mental-health issues--plans including :

- Excellus and most related Blues
- Aetna
- Cigna
Ask your insurance provider about your coverage for "Individual psychotherapy with a licensed psychologist."Ask our receptionist (585-586-1600) whether your insurance covers you work with me. Also ask about copays and, if applicable, deductibles.
Marriage counseling is generally not covered by medical insurance. I can work with an individual who presents with a genuinely life-disrupting emotional/behavioral problem that merits a mental-health diagnosis. Often such work involves the presence at times of a family member--the diagnosed individual is the patient. Of course, I do not fake diagnoses to accommodate insurance needs--think "felony insurance fraud".